Two Steps You Must Take Immediately After a Burglary

19 July 2017
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There are a number of important steps which you should take after your home has been burglarised. Read on to find out more.

Replace any broken windows

Burglars often break into properties via their windows; this is because smashing a glass pane takes far less time and effort than attempting to pick or snap a door lock. If any of your property's windows were broken during the burglary, it's vital to have them replaced by a glass replacement specialist straight away.

Dealing with the aftermath of a break-in (that is, having to tidy up your ransacked home and file a police report) will almost certainly leave you feeling exhausted and distressed. In this emotional state, you may find yourself tempted to simply cover up any broken panes with some cardboard and deal with them in a day or two.

However, this is a mistake which could make this situation far worse than it already is. Until the panes are replaced, your home will not be secure. The sight of a smashed window could attract the attention of vandals or other burglars and lead them to enter your property and damage or steal your possessions.

As such, it is crucial to call an emergency glass repair company as soon as you can after the burglary has occurred.

Have your locks updated

Knowing that a total stranger has rummaged through and stolen your personal possessions can leave you feeling traumatised, vulnerable and unsafe. One way to make these emotions less intense is to try to reduce the likelihood of break-ins in the future. Taking action to protect your family and your property from criminals can make you feel safer and more empowered.

One very positive (and effective) way to decrease the chances of further burglaries is to have the locks on both your windows and exterior doors' updated. The standard locks that are installed in most houses are not designed to offer a high level of security, and as such, they can usually be disassembled or broken by a professional burglar in just a few minutes.

Given this, if you want to feel safer in your own home, it would be wise to have a locksmith replace these locks with ones which are made specifically to deter potential burglars. Double-cylinder deadbolts (which, unlike many types of standard locks, cannot be pried open with crowbars or picked), along with door chains and anti-snap door-knob locks, will help to make the entry points to your home far more secure.