The Easiest and Safest Way to Keep Your Spare Key Secure

26 October 2017
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If you live in a household where lost keys are a regular occurrence, where you might be on a first name basis with your local mobile locksmith, you might want to think of some possible solutions. One of the easiest and most straightforward ways to always be able to gain entry to your home is to have a spare key that is easily accessible and yet still secure. Simply hiding the key might not be all that secure an option, but have you considered a key safe?

How a Key Safe Works

A key safe is a small locked box that is attached to your home in a place of your choosing. You simply enter the combination code and the safe opens, giving you access to your spare key. This also means that you can grant entry to your home to any houseguests or tradespeople when you might not be home to let them in. You just provide them with the code and they can make their own way inside. Opt for a key safe that allows for a changeable combination. This allows you to periodically change the code to maintain security.

Positioning the Key Safe

The key safe should be mounted in a position that is not obvious, though in a position where anyone accessing the device will be visible from the street. Attaching the key safe to the side of your home can be a good option. This means that while a casual passerby will not see the device, it will still be obvious if someone is attempting to tamper with the key safe if the side of your home can be seen from the street. Key safes are designed to be extremely strong, so anyone trying to break into the safe will need specialist equipment (such as a hammer or a drill), meaning that their efforts will be quite obvious.

Installing the Key Safe

Any locksmith can supply and fit a key safe, and this also means that they can be your first port of call in the unlikely event that you should be unable to gain entry to the safe (which is only likely if you should happen to forget the access code). The locksmith will also be able to use the correct fittings to securely attach the safe, ideally to the concrete exterior of your home.

A key safe is a fantastic and incredibly straightforward way of ensuring that being locked out is a thing of the past.