A Guide on Choosing a 24/7 Locksmith

3 November 2019
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There are several reasons why you need an emergency locksmith. For instance, you could lock your car keys inside your car or lose your house keys. There are many 24/7 locksmiths in Australia. However, how do you choose a locksmith that meets your needs? Below is a comprehensive guide for choosing a 24/7 emergency locksmith

Reputation and Experience

An emergency locksmith is someone who will come into your home during odd hours. As such, he or she must be someone you can trust. Ask friends and family to recommend reputable 24/7 locksmiths in your area. Alternatively, you could conduct some online research on social media and real estate blogs to know trustworthy locksmiths in your locality. 

Locksmiths with a berth of experience on the job may provide high-quality services. Ensure that the locksmith is licenced to work in your locality. You are at an advantage if the locksmith has post-graduate certificates in lock repair.


Below are a few ways to evaluate the locksmith's professionalism:

  • The locksmith should be quick to respond to your inquiries; an emergency locksmith who takes days to respond to your inquiries may not respond to your emergencies on time.
  • He or she should have general liability insurance to ensure you do not incur losses caused by his or her negligence.
  • The locksmith should give preventive maintenance tips to prevent broken locks -- for instance, he or she could ask you to oil your locks.
  • The locksmith should be an honest person -- if the locksmith cannot repair a lock, he or she should let you know in advance.

Work with a locksmith who provides a wide range of services. For instance, you would want one that can repair your alarm system and all locks in your home. The locksmith should also provide rekeying services, key cutting, key duplication and lock installation. Moreover, the locksmith should have access to various lock accessories.

Working Hours and Response Time

Inquire about the locksmith's working hours. For instance, some 24/7 locksmiths may not be available during weekends and holidays. Work with a locksmith located within your area. As such, you can be confident that the professional will promptly respond to your emergencies. Some locksmiths go the extra mile and promise to arrive within a specified period.


The locksmith must be reasonably priced. Preferably, compare quotes from a few locksmiths, and inquire about extra costs. For instance, the locksmith may charge more during harsh weather or if you are located far from his or her area of operation. 

Choosing a 24/7 locksmith is now easy with the above tips. Examine the locksmith's reputation, experience, professionalism, working hours, response time and pricing strategy.