How a Locksmith Can Help When You’ve Had a Break-In

15 October 2018
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Returning home or waking up to discover your property has been broken into is a situation everyone dreads. It's not just about the loss of any stolen belongings, although that's bad enough in itself. It's also the sense of your privacy being invaded, with someone forcing their way into your space and damaging your sense of safety. It should go without saying that the first thing you should do in this situation is to call the police and avoid touching anything in case they want to collect forensic evidence. Read More 

A Comparison Between Key Duplication and Rekeying

7 March 2018
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Some car owners may not know which service to request for when they want an extra key to be made for their locks. This article discusses lock rekeying and key duplication, which will help you choose the most appropriate locksmith service for your needs. Key Duplication Key duplication refers to the process through which a copy of an existing key is made. This service usually takes a short time because the locksmith doesn't need to dismantle the lock. Read More