A Comparison Between Key Duplication and Rekeying

7 March 2018
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Some car owners may not know which service to request for when they want an extra key to be made for their locks. This article discusses lock rekeying and key duplication, which will help you choose the most appropriate locksmith service for your needs.

Key Duplication

Key duplication refers to the process through which a copy of an existing key is made. This service usually takes a short time because the locksmith doesn't need to dismantle the lock. In fact, you can just take your key to the locksmith and return it to pick it with the ready copy. The cost for this service is therefore likely to be lower than the cost of other locksmith services, such as lock rekeying.

Note that you should always use the original key when you are making copies. This will reduce the likelihood that the subsequent generations of copied keys will not differ widely from the original key. Any differences gradually wear out the internal components of the lock since such a key will not align perfectly with those lock components.

Lock Rekeying

Lock rekeying refers to the process through which a new set of keys can be made for a lock. This method entails dismantling the lock to reset the internal components so that a key that is different from the previous one can open that lock.

Lock rekeying is ideal for several situations, such as when you suspect that an unauthorised person has acquired a copy of the keys to a lock. Lock rekeying is also suitable when all the known keys of a lock are lost or cannot be traced. Rekeying creates new keys so that you don't have to replace that lock whose keys are missing.

Lock rekeying may require more time because the locksmith has to alter the arrangement of the internal lock components, such as the pins, so that the new key made can work. This added work usually makes the service to be more expensive when compared to simple key duplication.

As you can see, lock rekeying differs from key copying/duplication. The two services are suitable for unique sets of circumstances. It is therefore important for you to explain fully what you want when you contact a locksmith. The professional will then advise you about the most appropriate service that applies to those circumstances. Avoid asking for the wrong service just because you want to save some money.