4 Misconceptions About Key Remotes

17 July 2017
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Car remotes have been around for quite a while, but there are still myths about these devices. Here is a look at some of the most common misconceptions and the truth behind them. If you are dealing with a lost or broken remote, it's important to understand as much as possible:

1. Misconception: Your Key Doesn't Need the Remote

When you look at a car key that has a remote attached to it, it looks like you don't necessarily need the remote to run the car. After all, even without the remote, the metal part is still there, and for decades, the metal part was the part that started the car's ignition.

While that seems logical, it's unfortunately not true. Most contemporary cars need more than just a key to get started. The plastic remote that is connected to the key has computer hardware in it, and that engages with the car's ignition. Without that part intact, the car typically won't start.

2. Misconception: You Can't Fix a Broken Remote

Did your dog chew up your remote? Did it crack when you dropped it? Did it sustain other damage? It may look unrepairable, but in many cases, there are locksmiths that can fix that part of the key. If not, there are other options.

3. Misconception: You Can't Make a Copy of a Key With a Fob

Actually, a trained locksmith can copy all kinds of keys, and that includes car keys with built in remotes and stand-alone key fobs. The process isn't the same as the process of copying a metal key. It involves more computerised steps, and generally, it costs more to copy one of these high tech keys than it costs to copy an old school metal key. However, as these keys offer enhanced security to your car, the cost tends to be worth it.

4. Misconception: You Can't Make a Remote Key for a Car From Scratch

If you have lost your key remote for your vehicle, you may be worried that you'll never get to drive that vehicle again. Luckily, the reality is not that harsh. A skilled locksmith can create a key from scratch. You can have a mobile locksmith come to your home and make the key, or you can tow the car to their location. The locksmith can unlock the vehicle and then craft a new computerised key that works with the ignition.

To learn more about repairing key fobs, car remote replacement and similar services, contact a locksmith directly.