Locked out on a Regular Basis? Time for a Straightforward Solution

23 August 2017
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It's no fun being locked out. Hopefully this is the sort of situation that won't be a regular occurrence, but perhaps you find it happening to you on a regular basis. If you're the kind of person who frequently forgets or misplaces their front door keys, then you will need to come up with an appropriate workaround. There are a few easy ways to ensure that being locked out is not something that will present a major problem anymore. So what are some straightforward solutions to this rather annoying problem?

A Hiding Place

Hiding a spare key on your property can pose a certain security risk, which is why it's something that requires careful consideration. The ideal way to hide a key is to enlist the help of your family dog (if you should in fact have one). If your dog is aggressive towards strangers, then why not securely attach your spare key to its collar? It's not as though a potential intruder will ever get close enough to retrieve the key. Of course, this is hardly going to be an effective storage spot if your dog is overjoyed to see someone who visits, regardless of whether it's a friend or family member, or a potential burglar. You could also stash a spare key under your dog's kennel. This is a secure spot, and a potential burglar would have some trepidation about getting this close to your dog's living space (even if they seem to be friendly).

A Secure Place

Invest in a lockbox. This is a secure metal box that is attached to the side of your home and is accessed by a four digit code. A spare set of keys are held inside, so if you should ever be locked out, you just need to remember the four digit code. It's also convenient if you're not at home to receive guests. You can simply let them know the code and they can make their own way inside without compromising your home's security.

No Key Required

You can also do away with the idea of the key altogether. Invest in a smart lock that can be accessed with an app installed on your smartphone. You can enter a code to deactivate the lock, or you can set it to work on a bluetooth enabled proximity alert, meaning that the door will unlock once you approach it (provided you have your smartphone, of course). Any locksmith can quickly and easily install a smart lock.

So don't allow yourself to be locked out again! If it does happen to you on a regular basis, it's time to utilise one of these solutions.